The Bitcoin Developer and Researcher Association


The BitDRAs mission is it, to actively increase development and research activity around Bitcoin. Achieved through:

  • Funding and supporting individuals working on Bitcoin software projects
  • Funding and supporting individuals and project teams focusing on Community work
  • Funding and supporting individuals or teams for Bitcoin research projects
  • Organising events to attract more developers to increase long term development stability

  • Application process

    The project support application is open for everyone, worldwide. Granting funds and support depends on the project scope and the financial situation of the association.


    The BitDRA committee will meet regularly to process new applications and to control existing support agreements. The committee structure can be changed by the existing committee members. Committee members must be Bitcoin developers or researches with an experience of minimum 3 years. Committee members work on a volunteer basis. Contentions decisions are made on committee vote basis with a required voting power of 75% for action.


    Association members can passively participate in Bitcoin Development with grating funds for the association. Members are getting informed about the current projects status every second month. Members do not have influence over the committee decision process nor do they have influence in the committee structure.


    The administrative overhead for the BitDRA is kept at a minimum and is caped to 7% of total incoming funds to ensure funds provided by members are used efficient. Committee members and members of the association board work on a volunteer basis.

    Legal setup

    The Bitcoin Developer and Researcher Association is a registered Swiss association and located in Switzerland.

Apply for project support

It is possible to apply for continious or project based funding. Continious funding is only possible for individuals.

Required documents for the application:

  • Title
  • Project description
  • Individual CV or team setup (including CVs)
  • Work estimation
  • Financial requirements
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